•Dominoes Promo Card, no date. From left, Dick Pentland, Chris Doran, Robin Irvine, Mystery Sax Player (can anyone name him?) Mike Shanks, John Smith.
ROBIN: DECEMBER 21:04 That's Raymond Ferguson, a Solicitor from Enniskillen, who played the Tenor Sax, I believe.

COLIN: DECEMBER 21:04 The card is so far ahead of its time, it could have been produced by Two-Tone or The Specials. Who designed it, does anyone know?

KEITH: DECEMBER 21:04 You know who we didn't talk about on that fantastic night at Bill and Lyn's?...the Dominoes re-creation called Domino with Rebecca and Dusty. I must try and rack the brain on that one.
BILL: DECEMBER 21:04 I presume Keith's reference was to Dusty Hagan - he is still treading the boards. Pock-marked face - rough diamond but a good guy - looked old before his time - looks no different now (bugger was able to keep his hair) - great chanter - cross between Rod Stewart and Otis. But I had forgotten there was a Domino connection - Dominoes Mk Three? We can get later into Dominoes Mk 4, 5 and 6 that occurred between 1981 and 2004.
KEITH: DECEMBER 22:04 Yes...Dusty Hagan..the very man. And we had a woman called Rebecca also on vocals. Remember her? Great soul singer. She lived down the Markets. Threw herself off a roof some years ago, sadly. Smick was on drums. Was Sez on guitar? And there must have been a keyboard player. Can't remember who. It all passed in a brief but glorious blur round about 1970 or so. I have no tangible memories, unfortunately. We did a week in the Abercorn once. And I also remember Dusty suffering from a bad case of nettle sting around his nether regions, the result of an alfresco encounter with a young lady after a gig somewhere down the country. Ah, happy days.
DICK: DECEMBER 22:04 The mystery sax player on Robin's page is Ray Ferguson, who I think went on to distinguish(?) himself as a UU politician. No relation to Maynard Ferguson, as far as I know.
KEITH: DECEMBER 22:04 What am I talking about...DICK was in the band with Rebecca and Dusty. We need Smick's input to all this as well. Does anyone have an email address for him?
BILL: DECEMBER 22:04 Threw herself off a roof? Smick was on drums? Just spoke to Smick on the phone. He is not on email - but I called him up and have arranged to meet him and his late mother's scrapbooks at Belmont Bowling Club at 1.00pm on Thursday 30 December!
KEITH: DECEMBER 23:04 Yes, Smick will verify all this. You might have been in St. Lucia at the time.
BILL: DECEMBER 30:04 The Dominoes promo card: this is interesting. First of all it dates from 1966 when Fred and I left the Dominoes to join up with Sez, Ricky and (briefly) Teddie Palmer. As this promo card reveals, Mike and Chris and Dick put the Dominoes back on the road with RI on guitar and Smick on keyboards.

Here is the interesting question: Smick had been a drum head with Teddie Palmer's band, the Spectres. How come he was recruited to the Dominoes as a keyboard player? He doesn't remember, but what is fascinating is how from this line up,

Chris eventually took over keyboards and Smick went onto drums. KB took over bass when Mike left and it was sometime later that RI dumped the guitar and took up bass when he joined The Group after Fred left. And of course at some point Dick laid down the sax and took up keyboards. And right enough - I left the Dominoes as a guitarist and joined The Group as a keyboard player. Were we all multi-talented or what?
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