•Around 1969. Original line-up, from left Robin Lavery, Linda Martin, Robin Irvine, Anne Ferguson, Bill Morrison, Dick Pentland.
COLIN: DECEMBER 21:04 Come on. What was the name of the venue where this was taken? It wasn't Pedro's, but some gig up the Saintfield Road direction. We played there regularly. All done out in a mock-Tudor style, I think.

This is my favourite Chips image of all time. Here are the reasons: I'd finally persuaded the girls to wear stage outfits with matching trousers, and the whole band was just starting to look more professional. And observe the confident body language. These people were starting to believe they were good. Also, I designed the poster myself, using what was then the revolutionary 'bleach-out' process, that removed all halftones from the picture. I'd also set up the shot to have some of the image reflected back from the wall mirror. I thought it was all pretty cool.

When Trevor Kane saw me using this as a Chips Christmas card he nearly fell off his seat. He and Donald McCloud (McLeod?) were still, in 1969, using a picture of Trevor with the mop-top Beatles taken at the King's Hall in 1962. I simultaneously showed him a newspaper shot of the current Beatles look - the beards, glasses and long hair. He did not recognise them at all.
DICK: DECEMBER 22:04 I'm pretty sure it WAS Pedro's
COLIN: DECEMBER 23:04 I think you've all forgotten that Pedro's was a gutted house near Minnowburn where Davy Gommes and Andy Orr ran a disco. It did not have a furnished reception hall like the one pictured here, nor a giant fireplace like the one on the other page. The venue for both these photographs was definitely out near the Saintfield Road, where Chips played regularly. Bill nearly remembered the name that night at his dinner party. It was a venue a lot less funky than Pedro's, and a great deal bigger. The place I'm thinking of had a rustic theme, and a large paved car park. Not the Ivanhoe, but something like that.
DICK: DECEMBER 30:04 OK - maybe Pedro's was the place on Dunmurry Road. If so, this was the place up around the Saintfield Road/Hillfoot area. I remember a "wild west" street theme. Was it Daddywinkers or something like that? And don't give me the rather obvious alternative spelling.
BILL: DECEMBER 30:04 Smick has come up with the answer. It was Penny Lane - the old farm building at the top of the Knockbrackan Driving Range.
COLIN: DECEMBER 30:04 Thank you, Bill, and thank you, Smick.All those who said Pedro's have obviously stopped taking their medication.
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