•Original list of entrants for job of female vocalist to replace Sez
COLIN: DECEMBER 21:04 I am sure this was typed on the notepaper for 'TIK', the magazine that Arnie Knowles and I had planned, but which never made it even as far as proof stage. I think we ran out of money. This was how The Group metamorphosed into Chips. Note the original ad copy (at the top) also looked for a lead guitarist. We never found one good enough to replace Sez, who was just leaving for South Africa.

In any case, Linda and Annie are listed. Where were the auditions held? The Astor Ballroom? Or somewhere else?
ROBIN: DECEMBER 22:04 I think auditions were held in the Astor Ballroom on Queen Street, yes?
DICK: DECEMBER 22:04 I think the auditions were held in Arnie's new Marquee club somewhere off Waring Street, although my Belfast geography is a little rusty by now.
BILL: DECEMBER 30:04 The auditions were held in 18/20 Hill Street - which had just been acquired for the new Marquee Club. RL remembers this very well.
COLIN: JANUARY 6:05 Yes, that seems right. The poor old New Marquee Club. If only Arnie had had enough money not to take in a partner it might all have worked out a lot differently. On the other hand, if the Marquee hadn't closed, I might never have become a journalist. (Though some might see that as a blessing.)
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