Born 1944, Belfast. Dick joined the Dominoes in 1962, replacing Elmer Grey, playing Alto, then Baritone, then Keyboard. Continued on with the Dominoes after the Great Schism, when the Group was formed in 1966.

The Dominoes morphed into Heart and Soul, for which Dick wrote the brass arrangements and played Tenor.

Participated in the Great Reunification when the Group mk 2 was formed in 1969, and played Keyboard. Was a founder member of Chips, playing Keyboard.

When Chips went fulltime pro in 1972, he left to form Dunno with other former Dominoes members. When this broke up, he joined the Clubsound to play Keyboard, Tenor and Percussion.

While in the Clubsound he played Baritone with the BBC big band. He gave it all up in 1974, and emigrated to Canada in 1975, where he still lives in Nova Scotia.

He works as a management consultant to the international port industry.


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