You want stories? Sometimes the travel to and from gigs was more memorable then the perfomances themselves.

I remember one night we were playing in Derry, and Robin and I were travelling together to the gig in his Lotus Cortina.

We were careening down the Derry side of the Glenshane Pass, doing in excess of 100 mph when Robin whipped the steering wheel off the steering column (apparently it wasn't bolted on) and handed it to me, saying "You take over, DP".

Later, I think it was the same night or maybe I'm thinking of another occasion, on the way home, we followed the others in their car with our lights out until we got within a few feet of their back bumper and then turned the headlights on full.

After doing this several times, somehow the others got behind us and did the same thing.

It all ended up with both cars tearing along the road in the dead of night with no lights on. Drink was probably taken too.


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